To engage in the independent audit of corporations that develop artificial intelligence.  To ensure that best practices are being followed with respect to ethics, bias, privacy, Trust & Control and cybersecurity.  To provide the SAFEAI "seal of approval" for companies that meet the best practices available.


To increase the awareness of the growth of AI & Robotics for all people. ForHumanity believes that the growth of AI & Robotics is inevitable.  Therefore we must be proactive to ensure our world is one that preserves and cherishes our Humanity.  To act as a watchdog on behalf of humanity to ensure the best possible results from AI & Robotics implementation.


To analyze the impact of automation on society, on humanity and on our rights and freedoms.  To create and/or participate in the dialogue about how to best to guarantee our rights and allow humanity to benefit from automation rather than to exist along side automation


To engage corporations and policy makers to craft standards, guidelines and where appropriate public policy.  ForHumanity will always defend and protect the rights and freedoms of the human race.