Why I launched ForHumanity?

ForHumanity is a non-profit organization.  Our mission is to raise awareness for the masses about the challanges and changes associated with the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) & robotics.  

Twitter:  @forhumanity_org
Facebook:  forhumanity

We believe that the expansion of AI & robotics will continue and that the majority of these advancements are beneficial to mankind.  However, these advancements will also dramatically change work, society, lifestyles and our rights.  ForHumanity will track and explore these issues to ensure that the people have better awareness about these changes.  ForHumanity will also collaborate with the industry to craft guidelines, rules, protocols and eventually laws to protect the rights and freedoms of human beings.

When I began to examine the AI & robotics space I was heartened to see that there were a few groups considering the moral, ethical and practical impact of AI & robotics.  But as I dug into these groups I was concerned to learn that all of these groups are almost exclusively AI experts.  People who's main goal is the advancement of AI and not necessarily the advancement of humanity.  As these two forces combine and collide, humanity needs a voice.  ForHumanity will be that voice.

For Humanity will ALWAYS take the side of humanity.  we will defend rights, freedoms, privacy and control for human beings.  We do not believe that these advancements can be stopped and in many cases these advancements are beneficial to a wide range of people.  Therefore our mission is to proactively engage the technology to provide the best possible outcome for human beings.  

A donation to ForHumanity will go towards the startup costs of the 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, including website construction, development of social media presence, legal filings, conference attendance, salary and other expenses.  More importantly, it will serve as one vote in favor of ForHumanity, that the role we intend to play is needed in the world and that our mission is pure and just.  Please join us as we consider the challenge that Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have all called the "Greatest challenge humanity has ever faced".  Doesn't is make sense that Humanity has an advocate?  I think so and I hope you do too.

Watch as Sam Harris highlight a fraction of the challenge that AI poses for humanity.

Watch as Boston Dynamics Atlas robot demonstrates the great progress being made in robotics.

After watching these two videos I was inspired and concerned at the same time.  I imediately thought about my boys Alex (7) and Lachlan (5) and what their world would look like.  What should I teach them?  What should they learn?  How could I help them best become productive, well-educated and well-adjusted members of society?  Would that existence be something they would be happy about?  That forced me to imagine the world of their future.  When I did this I realized that technology's impact on their future will be immense - far beyond it's impact on my life.  It has compelled me to action, to help guide what that future world will look like.  I have answered Gates', Musk 's and Hawkings' challenge by dedicating my life to thinking about "our greatest challenge" .   I hope you will support this dedication and my efforts financially as well as with your attention and redistribution of our information and message.

Thanks for your time and consideration.