Dialogue Participation Rules - to ensure productive and positive progress


Code of Conduct “Best Practices” CORE AUDIT SILO

·         The process is not democratic. It is the responsibility of the CORE AUDIT SILO Head to generate an audit process.

·         All dissent with regards to the “Best-Practices” will be kept registered and will be made available to the Board of Directors, along side the proposed audit process when approval is sought.

·         Any person participating in the process may be excluded, subject to appeal to the Executive Director and/or Board of Director, at the sole discretion of the Executive Director or CORE AUDIT SILO Head for behavior unbecoming of a ForHumanity “Best-Practices” participant

·         Unbecoming behavior of a “Best-Practices” participant includes:

o   Failure to deliver on promised action in a timely manner.

o   Slurs of gender, ability, race, sexual-orientation, national affiliation or any other identity.

o   Inappropriate or offensive language or images.

o   Failure to yield – there are a lot of people who may want to be included in the process, participants must be considerate of their peers.

o   Failure to be considerate – Anyone found to be mocking or demeaning to the CORE AUDIT SILO HEAD or other participants

Anyone who fails to abide by these rules will receive one warning from the core audit silo head. failure to remediate will then result in your account being terminated by email. That email will include any information that you may require to appeal for reinstatement